From the Editors March 2023

Dear Authors and Readers

The first issue of the quarterly Economic and Regional Studies / Studia Ekonomiczne I Regionalne2023, has been prepared with the significant participation of Guest Editor Professor Karol Kukuła, long-time Head of the Department of Statistics at the Agricultural University of Cracow. Professor Kukuła invited to the publication authors who specifically
use various statistical and econometric methods in their research. The use of numerical methods links most of the papers presented in this issue. This is especially the case with three papers on the regional differentiation of the knowledge-based economy in Poland, the characteristics of energy and climate policy in the European Union countries, and the analysis of forecasting methods for missing data in time series on a regional scale.

We also recommend to readers works presenting the turquoise form of management in organizations, an article describing the financial standing of enterprises
in the period before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, and works describing the integrated and organic system of sustainable agriculture over the past decade in Poland. In the issue we include papers on the analysis and evaluation of the distribution and insurance system in the Indian state of Haryana, and an analysis of the trend of Lyme disease in Poland.

We would like to inform you that the next -second issue of the journal will be created with the participation of the Guest Editor - Professor Katalin Liptak from Miskolc University in Hungary. We invite you to read the articles of the current issue and to submit proposals of papers for publication.

We are pleased to announce that the Editorial Board has been complemented by Dr. Łukasz Zbucki – John Paul II University of Applied Sciences, Poland and the Scientific Board by Professor Ryszard Kata - University of Rzeszow, Poland and Professor Wiesława Lizińska- University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland.

We are pleased to announce that the role of Guest Editor No. 3/2023 is held by Prof. Wojciech Florkowski- University of Georgia, USA.

Professor Katalin Lipták, Ph.D,
vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics,
Head of the Department of Labour Market and Employment Policy,
University of Miskolc, Hungary

Katalin Lipták is an associate professor, vicedean of University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics in Hungary and head of department of Labour Market and Employment Policy. She graduated in Economist at the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics in 2008 and she graduated in Law at the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law in 2015.
She defended her Ph.D dissertation in 2013 at the Doctoral School of University of Miskolc, the title was: “Impact of the globalization on regional labour markets – convergence or divergence”. Her research topic is the labour market, especially in the Central- Eastern-European region. Her research interests include the analysis of labour market processes and the integration of disadvantaged regions, and rural development.

She is the author of 78 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed foreign and domestic journals, including Amfiteatru Economic, Transformations in Business and Economics, Migration Letters, Deturope, Economic and Regional Studies, Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development, Regional Statistics, Tér és Társadalom, Észak-magyarországi Stratégiai Füzetek, Területi Statisztika. She is the author of over 60 conference proceedings article. She edited 10 books or conference proceedings.

In 2022 she was awarded a prestigious 3-year research fellowship supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Bolyai János Research Fellowship). Within the framework of the fellowship, she is researching the role of the solidarity economy in the labour market integration of the periphery.

She is the member of the Committee on Regional Studies of IX. Section Economics and Law of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, she is the member of Hungarian Regional Science Association (MRTT) and European Regional Science Association (ERSA). She is editor-in-chief of Socialis Series in Social Science journal and the member of the editorial board of Tér és Társadalom journal and editor of Északmagyarországi Stratégiai Füzetek journal.
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