For reviewers

Assessment of the work ( principles of reviewing the publication)

The submitted article undergoes a formal assessment process and post initial assessment it is submitted for conceptual assessment (review) which takes up to 6 weeks. During the selection of a reviewer there cannot be the conflict of interests which is understood as relations occurring between the reviewer and the author:

a) direct personal relations (blood relation, legal relationships, conflict),

b) relation of work subordination,

c) direct scientific cooperation within previous two years proceeding the preparation of a review.

The author may indicate the name of potential reviewer, however, the Editorial Office reserves the right to make a decision regarding such selection.

The review has a written form (review form) and ends with a clear conclusion:
• accept without changes
• accept after changes suggested by reviewer
• rate manuscript once again major changes and another review
• reject
Correction or proofreading the text in Polish should be performed immediately and no longer than within 1 week. Subsequently the editorial office decides about further fate of the given work. The work may be directed for translation or rejection.

Decision of the Editorial Office is final. The Editorial Office does not return the manuscripts.

Names of reviewers of individual publications/issues are not disclosed; once a year the journal publically announces the list of cooperating reviewers.