From the Editors September 2023

Dear Authors and Readers!

We would like to inform that on 17th July 2023
the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic
of Poland announced the “Communiqué on the List of
Scientific Journals and Peer-Reviewed Materials from
International Conferences” in which, after evaluation,
the Minister established new scoring for Polish and
foreign journals. Several thousand scientific journals
from all over the world have been classified into 5
groups to reflect their scientific and editorial quality,
rank and position in various fields of knowledge and
scientific disciplines. The journals included in the list
have been assigned points to express their quality
rating, ranging from 20 to 40, 70, 100 and 140 points,
up to a maximum of 200 points. Journals not included
in the list can only be assigned 5 points. We are
pleased to announce that our journal “Economic
and Regional Studies/ Studia Ekonomiczne
i Regionalne" (ISSN 2083-3725, eISSN 2451-
182X) has been awarded 70 points on this list,

a significant promotion as it previously had only 20
points. We regard the increase in the journal’s score
as a significant success, which we owe, in addition
to the substantive and technical diligence of the
editorial and publishing staff, to the high scientific
quality of the authors and reviewers. We would like
to thank the authors and reviewers, especially for
their evident contribution to the internationalisation
and raising the prestige of the journal. We encourage
everyone to continue to cooperate with us – to submit
interesting articles for publication in our journal
and to use the materials published in the journal in
ongoing research.
The earlier issue of the journal 2/2023 was
prepared with the cooperation of Professor Katalin
Liptak from the Department of Economics at the
University of Miskolc in Hungary. We would like
to thank Professor Liptak for taking on the role of
Guest Editor. Professor Liptak has disseminated
information about the journal, especially among
Hungarian researchers, which is also reflected in
the current issue 3/2023, where we present three
articles related to Hungary discussing the financial
situation of the food economy, changes in agriculture
during the COVID-19 pandemic and industry 4.0 and
the challenges its development brings to the labour
market. Two articles in this issue deal with subjects
related to Poland: one discussing voluntariness
in social insurance and the other discussing the
usefulness of various indicators for evaluating bank
loans. The article on cross-border relations in the
sphere of environmental protection between Poland
and Ukraine deals with European issues as well. Three
other manuscripts address various development
issues in India. Also, in this issue of the journal, there
is an interesting discussion on the relationship that
occurred between ethics and economics during the
COVID-19 pandemic, in which the author addresses
the problem based mainly on the Polish experiences.
Sharing the content of the current issue, we
would like to encourage the cooperation with
potential authors, reviewers and readers. The
articles are available free of charge. So far, we have
also not charged any publication fees. Next year, we
will probably have to introduce minimum charges to
cover some of the costs of editing and translation of
the text from Polish into English.

Mieczysław Adamowicz
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